At the United Nations Headquarters in New York the information on the progress of the realization of the Strategy for Actions in the Year of dialogue with the people and human interests in Uzbekistan was disseminated as an official document of the 71st session of the General Assembly in six official languages of the organization.


The document notes that in order to radically improve the effectiveness of the ongoing reforms, create conditions for ensuring comprehensive and accelerated advancement of the state and society, implement priority directions for the country's modernization and liberalization of all spheres of life, this year Uzbekistan adopted a Strategy for Actions of development Republic along five priority directions in 2017-2021 years.


"The document is envisaged to be implemented in five stages, within each of which a separate annual state program for its realization will be approved in accordance with the declared name of the year. It is planned to implement the measures on the enhancement of public administration, primarily, the reform of the civil service, the reduction of state regulation of the economy, the development of modern forms of mutually beneficial cooperation between the public and private sectors, the e-government system", the report said.


In addition, the material emphasizes that ensuring an effective dialogue with the people was one of the most important and urgent tasks of the state program, in connection with which improvement of public control, the further development of non-governmental non-profit organizations, mass media, as well as the strengthening of the role of the mahalla in the life of society.


It is separately noted that on the initiative of public and state organizations, by the order of the President of Uzbekistan, the "Development Strategy" Center was created in Tashkent to realize the goals of the Strategy for Actions and the state program "Year of dialogue with the people and human interests".


It is emphasized that the control over the full, timely and qualitative implementation of activities included in the state program is entrusted to the commissions formed in each of the five directions of the Strategy for Actions. These commissions are vested not only with the execution of tasks, but also with the direct preparation of drafts of the corresponding annual state programs for the accomplishment of the Strategy for Actions.


Along with this, the document says that the realization of the Strategy for Actions will become a powerful impetus for the forward movement of Uzbekistan along the path of reforming and modernizing the country, building a legal democratic state.



Jahon Information Agency


New York

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