The latest architectural projects in Uzbekistan helped beautify some of the country’s cities and provided model housing for low-income families.


There have been some violations, however, of building and reconstruction rules, as a result of dysfunctional interaction between public authorities and the State Architecture and Construction Committee.


Mistakes are recurrent in planning works, which damages stable development and complex city building.


Project organisations, lacking motivation to use state-of-the-art planning techniques and attract promising specialists, are in need of an overhaul.


Considering these pressing issues, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed the Decree ‘On Measures for Fundamental Uzbekistan’s State Architecture and Construction Committee Overhaul’ and the Resolution ‘On Measures for State Architecture and Construction Committee Action Organisation’.


The Decree is aimed at giving the committee more competence in Uzbekistan’s architecture and city-building policy, setting such tasks as:


  • improving and updating city-building laws;
  • coordinating construction projects and introducing cutting-edge construction technologies;
  • promoting market reforms and supporting state purchases in capital construction; and
  • preparing skilful staff in architecture, projects, and construction.


The Decree emphasised strict control over how construction laws are followed, whether projects are drawn up properly, and how building materials are produced and applied.


The Main Construction Control Directorate has been reordered into the State Construction Control Inspectorate, which director will also be Deputy Chairman at the Committee.


Territorial inspectorate’s directors will serve as deputies for their regional committee units.  


The Presidential Resolution grants the Committee, the Inspectorate and its territorial units the unfettered right to access to construction sites for inspections.


Construction authorities will not need any consent to access housing, whether state-owned or private.


The Decree prohibits building works in cities or district that do not have general plans or necessary permission documents.


The documents also set up a Fund supporting the committee and revamped the construction council under the Cabinet of Ministers.


The Decree reorganised the committee, its territorial units, and the reporting chains in these organisations.


The Resolution’s Action Plan provides for measures to improve construction laws and carry out various events.


Once realised, these two documents will help better manage the Committee’s work.


As a result, the people should have greater living conditions and there should be more socially and infrastructurally developed residential areas. 

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