The signing of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership between the United States and Uzbekistan raised the level of bilateral cooperation. US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Pamela Spratlen has stressed that in her interview occasioned to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two nations.


“In March, the Declaration on the Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Framework turns 15. What has this document produced?”


“The signing of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership raised the level of cooperation that we see today in the political, economic, military and humanitarian spheres. The fruits of this agreement and our common commitment to building relations have been manifest through the example of recent visits by high-ranking US officials, the launch of new projects, and an open dialogue. Working together, we identify new areas of joint activities that take into account the needs of the future. Cashing in the potential of our partnership to the fullest possible extent will require continued candid and constructive dialogue on issues important for bоth countries.”


“Political contacts have lately seen certain growing dynamics. What is the current agenda of the Uzbek-American partnership and the prospects for filling it with new substance?”


“The United States and Uzbekistan have made great strides in establishing extensive and multifaceted relations built on shared interests and respect. The process took start on December 25, 1991, when George H. W. Bush was in the White House. In the subsequent 25 years, the United States' support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan has been unshakable. Our cooperation continued with several US presidential administrations and during the historic transition period for Uzbekistan in 2016 in connection with the election of Shavkat Mirziyoyev.


“A qualitatively new dimension in our multilayered relations was the regional format of interaction between the countries of Central Asia and the United States, the mechanism of which was launched in Samarkand in November 2015. Today we are interacting with Uzbekistan on many important issues, and we regularly review bilateral relations in order to identify areas for further development of the partnership. A recent exchange of letters between the heads of state gave a signal of the parties' desire to consolidate bonds.”


"This is especially true of the trade-economic and investment spheres, isn’t it?"


“Of course, one of the priority areas of our cooperation is the economic and trade-investment track. Excellent opportunities for representatives of American and Uzbek companies are provided by such venues as the forum of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC).”


“By the way, during her recent visit to Tashkent, the AUCC Chairperson Carolyn Lamm noted that America views Uzbekistan as a key partner in the region and is interested in furthering the fruitful cooperation...”


"Commercial ties constitute an important pillar in our bilateral relations, yet there is a lot that can be done to expand them. We are determined to continue working with Uzbekistan to realize its enormous potential for economic growth. The geographical position of your country in the heart of Central Asia provides with an excellent platform for trade and, as home to half the population of the region, Uzbekistan is potentially an economic locomotive.


“Focusing on the topic of investment, we can say that there are many American companies successful in selling their products or investing in Uzbekistan. They are still interested in making a good use of the economic capacities of the country and anticipate a transparent and favorable business environment.”


“Another area in which certain success has been achieved is the sphere of education and science. What other additional steps, in your opinion, are necessary to boost humanitarian bonds?”


"There is a great potential for expanding the scope of our educational activities, and I look forward to working in this direction. Effective, in my opinion, will be further joint work on teaching English. We have already had this opportunity and supported the initiative of the government of Uzbekistan to tutor English by attracting instructors from the United States and providing with training materials.”




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