Makhalla in representing high spiritual and moral values


Studying and improving the social and spiritual environment in families, makhallas, educational institutions and labor collectives are considered as one of the main priorities at the stages of large-scale reforms carried out in the country.

Organizational and legal measures have been taken as a follow up step. For example, the position of a deputy chairman of citizens’ assembly – an advisor on social, spiritual and enlightenment issues was introduced on a voluntary basis.

 “Enlightenment against ignorance” month which is aimed at further improving the social and spiritual environment in general education schools, strengthening the ideological immunity of students is organized and conducted in Uzbekistan.

Within the month, conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, legal outreach evenings are conducted with participation of representatives of law enforcement agencies, makhalla activists, elderly respected to explain the norms of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, prevention of corruption and human trafficking, human rights and promote healthy lifestyle.

Special attention is paid to raising legal awareness and legal culture in the community. It is organized on a systematic basis, in accordance with “personality – family – makhalla – educational institution – organization – society” principle.

Legal Information Day project, which operates on a systematic basis, was introduced in makhallas to increase the legal-awareness of citizens.

These actions are aimed to promote the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan among the population in makhallas, educational institutions and enterprises.

 “Firm adherence to the requirements of the Constitution and laws should become the main criterion of the level of our spirituality and culture” roundtables including the republican essay competition “The spiritual and cultural level of a person is manifested in strict observance of laws” are held.

Activities on ensuring religious tolerance and interethnic harmony under the slogan “For the sake of good intentions in a single family” are organized in the communities.

“Makhalla” TV channel operates as a general information partner on the issues of coverage of citizens’ assemblies’ activities.

The National Association of Electronic Media of Uzbekistan, the International Press Club, Uzbekistan National News Agency and the mass media joined forced to organize talk shows, produce videos and special programs, publish articles and speeches aimed at preserving peace and well-being, kindness and mutual understanding, national customs and values, participation of makhallas in strengthening families and socio-spiritual processes, solving problems in makhallas.

In the context of the regions, maps of the social and spiritual climate are created on the basis of the principle of “makhalla – district – region – republic”; modern information and communication technologies are widely introduced into this process.

The position of a specialist working with women and strengthening spiritual and moral values ​​in families was introduced in all citizens’ assemblies.

The Women’s Committee, the “Oila” (Family) Scientific and Practical Center, makhalla and internal affairs agencies maintain close cooperation; ensure discussions with each woman and provide necessary assistance in identifying problems.

Nowadays, makhalla deals with the issues of educating girls in the spirit of national and universal values, creating conditions in acquiring modern knowledge and professions; prepares them for family life. Such activities as “Young ladies”, “Girl and young family”, “On the threshold of independent life”, “Skillful girls” and others aimed at giving a glance of real life and motivating their aspirations are created in all educational institutions and makhallas.

 The role of modern libraries in makhallas is growing. Especially the electronic database which is connected to the storage of the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi. That serves as an enlightenment hub for the public, youth specifically. Makhalla has become the place of entertainment and leisure for local children and young people; soccer fields with artificial turf and gyms were also built.

Civil society institutions now form a list of gifted children, engage them with hobby groups at general education schools, sports competitions and Olympiads.

According to “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighborhood) program, construction of makhalla centers with offices for the chairman of the makhalla, his advisors, secretary, preventive IAB inspector, lounges for senior citizens, a library, a conference room, a playground, a sports complex, installation of fountains, benches, street equipment lighting actively continue. In general, the programs “Obod qishloq” (Prosperous village) and “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighborhood) bring the spirit of renewal and creation even to the most remote areas of the country. People’s worldview is changing; the life in the countryside is flourishing.

Spiritual and enlightenment activities, including “Family is the scared hearth” are in the list individual priorities of makhallas for unorganized youth.

Makhalla chairpersons maintain explanatory works on the mode of weddings, family events and ceremonies based on the principles of eliminating the extra outlay.

Adopted concept of continuous spiritual education implies the mechanisms for establishing effective cooperation between the family, educational institutions, makhallas, the mass media and other public structures in formation of spiritual education.

Tasks and composition of the Republican Council for Spirituality and Enlightenment were revised to align it with the requirements of contemporary life. Besides, the Program of measures is approved to further improve the effectiveness of spiritual and enlightenment work, development of intellectual potential and outlook, strengthening the ideological immunity of the population in the Republic of Uzbekistan. A prominent place in the Program is given to the activities of makhalla.

All of the activities that are being carried out to ensure the stable social and spiritual environment in makhallas, increase the effectiveness of organizational and practical measures in the field of enlightenment, and the ongoing cultural and enlightenment work to protect young people from various odd ideas.

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