A new stage in development of interethnic relations in Uzbekistan


A press conference of the Republican Council for coordination of the activities of citizens' self-government bodies "Modern mahalla: sources of values and initiatives" was taken place in the International Press Center yesterday.


Speakers stressed that in the years of independence, along with other spheres, all the necessary conditions were created for the all-round development of the mahalla institution, increasing its authority in the society, and effective implementation of activities. As a result, the unique structure - mahalla which has no analogues in the world, was formed as a separate institution, turned into the closest structure to the population in our country.


To date, about 10 thousand of citizens' gatherings in our country successfully carry out more than 30 socially and economically significant tasks, previously carried out by state authorities in the field.


The decree of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on February 3 of this year "On measures for further improvement of the mahalla institute" is an important program guide in this field. Its adoption was an essential step in further enhancing the activities of citizens' self-government bodies, transforming the mahalla into the closest structure to the population.


As the head of state notes, in the mahalla where correct work and effective feedback from citizens are established, there will be an atmosphere of unity and friendship and there will be no place for unfavorable cases. These words of the President today have become the main criterion for assessing the activities of mahallas.


In the first half of this year, more than 50,000 explanatory events were carried out to study the quality of educational work in mahallas and educational institutions, to attract students to classes, and to improve the effectiveness of the dialogue with parents whose children often miss classes. At the same time, employees of educational institutions and mahallas paid special attention to ensuring full attendance of children from such families, improving the quality of their education, upbringing and behavior. These children were assigned responsible persons and involved in to different interests circles and sports sections.


Within the framework of the state program, more than 26,000 poor families, veterans of the war and participants in the labor front, single elderly people, people with disabilities were rendered material assistance in the amount of about 3.5 million soums. 125 invalids and orphans were allocated funds in the amount of 497.8 million soums for tuition.


The citizens’ gatherings of the mahallas are taking regular measures to involve young people in various circles of interest and to create conditions for physical culture and sports. In particular, today more than 4 million children in mahallas went to more than 30 kinds of circles.


A mechanism was developed for exercising public control over the study of the spiritual and moral atmosphere in mahallas and families, the activities of social facilities, the attendance of students, employment of the population, especially college graduates and unoccupied youth, including organizing meaningful leisure.


As of June this year, activists of citizens' gatherings carry out a dialogue with over 5.5 million families. As a result, a huge number of problems were identified, 48.3% of them were solved on the spot, the rest were included in the territorial development programs for districts and cities.


In addition, in an example of the Sharaf Rashidov district of the Jizzakh region it was developed a draft program "Roadmap" for realizing measures aimed at the phased integrated development of mahallas with weak social and economic development in each district and city by the end of 2017.


As a part of the National Program “Year of Dialogue with People and of Human Interests”, the republican board of the Mahalla Foundation together with partner organizations and activists of citizens' gatherings will conduct a republican scientific and practical conference "Raising the responsibility of parents in the upbringing of the younger generation" in the coming days.


In general, over the past 26 years, large-scale reforms carried out in the system of self-government bodies of citizens serve for the all-round development of the mahalla institution, boosting the activities of citizens’ assemblies.




(As part of the social order of the Oliy Majlis Public Fund for Supporting NGOs and Other Civil Society Institutions)

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