Well known that it is one thing to report to a group of officials, and completely another to do that before the population you serve. It is no longer possible to stretch the truth and embellish the reality. In order for physicians to better orient themselves in issues that require immediate resolution, and for the population to receive first-hand information about new opportunities, the heads of family clinics will report on their work to the public. Such initiative was put forward by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.


The first such report meetings have already taken place in the capital, in particular, in the family polyclinic # 41 of the Shaykhantohur district. Chief physician Dildora Mirkholikova met with the residents of mahallas served by the polyclinic.


The first part of the meeting, as expected, was conducted in a standard format. Mirkholikova read a report outlining the activities of the clinic recently and improving the quality of medical care.


This polyclinic serves more than 25.7 thousand inhabitants of the mahallas "Ipakchi", "Eski Zararik", "Zafarobod", "O’zbekiston", "Kukcha". A total of 10 doctors and 20 visiting nurses serve 4.4 thousand houses, more than 6,3 thousand families, two general schools and four pre-school educational institutions. Patronage nurses regularly visit families assigned to them. Particular attention is placed the protection of maternal and child health, the vaccination of children and the treatment of chronic diseases of the elderly. In the mahallas and educational institutions, there are carried out cultural and educational activities, discussions at the "round table" aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, increasing medical awareness.


“In recent months, we have focused on expanding the coverage of patients with chronic diseases with patronage, enhancing the supply of medicines to the patients. The schedule of the polyclinic became more convenient for the population, now we are working until eight in the evening which is cozy for people”, said Dildora Mirkholikova. “Intensification of interaction with the emergency medical service stood another direction of the work. We obtained an ambulance. And on the basis of our clinic we organized a branch of the ambulance station. This significantly accelerated the service of the population living on the territory appointed to us. Now the provision of quick, prehospital and emergency medical care using a round-the-clock, mobile, technically equipped substation, as well as providing dynamic monitoring, improvement and rehabilitation of patients with chronic diseases - among the main tasks of the family and central district multi-clinics in Tashkent”.


The second part of the meeting was conducted in active form. The residents and representatives of the public, noting the enhancement in the work of the family polyclinic, at the same time, drew attention to the existing omissions.


In particular, people were not satisfied with the queues which sometimes have to stand in to have an appointment with the doctor or to go to the treatment room. Manzura Toshmatova gave an example from her own experience when she had to line up in the queue for an appointment with the family doctor for more than an hour.


Commenting on the situation, the chief doctor told about the electronic system "Healthcare" which will be created in the country that will soon allow to be recorded to the doctor in electronic format and to arrive on a strictly appointed time. According to Dildora Mirkholikova, the system will once and for all put an end the queues for a doctor.


There were also raised the problems of a systemic nature under the consideration of the Ministry of Healthcare. Among them - the issues of providing medicines and medical supplies, increasing the volume of orders for free receiving specialized medical care. The chief doctor promised to convey all these remarks to the leadership and assured to facilitate their prompt solution.


It would like to hope that this format of communication between the doctors and public will contribute to further boost the quality of medical services for the population.

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