The President of our country paid a visit to the “Toshrabоt” mahalla in Qiziltepa district, where he was presented several projects, aimed at development of textiles in the region. 

A particular attention is attached to deep processing of cotton fibre, manufacturing export-oriented goods in accordance with the requirements of the world market, creating new jobs. Thanks to loans from the National Bank of Uzbekistan on foreign economic activity, manufacturing of high-quality yarn with modern and energy-efficient technological equipment is to be organized at “Bakht textile”, “Bakht Navoiy” LLC in Navoiy city, “Toshrabоt textile” LLC in Qiziltepa district and “Navbahor textile” LLC in Navbahor district. 

Foreign investments also are to be attracted to implement these projects worth over 70 million US dollars. The factories will be equipped with highly-efficient modern machines, manufactured by Rieter, a Swiss company. 

Practical implementation of the projects will allow to fully process the cotton fibre, produced in the region. Thus, production of finished fabric from yarn will reach 70 percent, the output of knitted goods 50 percent. 80 percent of “Bakht textile” products, the production capacity of which is 7.6 thousand tons of quality yarn per year, is to be exported. 

President of our country, getting acquainted with these projects, highlighted that the processing of cotton fiber in the regions will create broad opportunities for entrepreneurs, will reduce the costs for producers, and increase the incomes of the population. 

Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave specific instructions on gradual increase in the production of finished products from cotton fiber, strengthening the capacity of the industry and attracting college graduates to work. 

The Head of state got acquainted with the project of manufacturing fully processed leather based on Italian technology in "Camilla Group" LLC in Karmana district. 

With its commissioning, it will be possible to produce 20 million square decimeters of processed leather per year and export products for 3.2 million US dollars. 40 workplaces will be created at the enterprise. 

The President of our country paid special attention to ensuring the effectiveness of these projects. It is emphasized that the increase in the output of finished industrial products is of great importance in raising the standard of living and well-being of our people.

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