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May 13, 2019




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Good initiatives - the path to rapid progress. 1


Shavkat Mirziyoyev signs the Law on PPP. 4

International relationships. 4

Uzbekistan – European Union: 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations. 4

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to visit Uzbekistan. 5




















Good initiatives - the path to rapid progress

Suzuk-ota complex, a new center of knowledge and enlightenment

On May 10, 2019б President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Suzuk-ota complex in Tashkent.

Until recently, the pilgrimage site Suzuk-ota, whose existence was known to very few, including the old mosque, had been in poor condition. Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Suzuk-ota complex on May 26, 2017. Then, the Head of the state gave instructions for the reconstruction of the mausoleum and the mosque, as well as the improvement of the adjacent territory. On February 9, 2018, the President got acquainted with the progress of works and noted the need to build housing for artisans next to the complex.

These initiatives have found their practical implementation today. The mausoleum and the mosque are built, and an area of almost 8 hectares has been landscaped. One of the buildings of the complex houses a museum, a library, the makhallas citizens’ assembly and other institutions. 30 cottages for artisans have been built on both sides of the complex.

As reported by the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the President got acquainted with the results of the works undertaken. Surahs from the Holy Quran were recited.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a conversation with religious leaders and aksakals here. The Head of the state congratulated them on the month of Ramadan and noted that the opening of the renovated complex on these blessed days is a good sign.

“Other states seek to write a story that actually did not exist. In contrast, we cannot fully bring our great history, the legacy of our ancestors to our people, the youth. By paying attention to such places, we encourage everyone to enquire into self-identity and history,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed out.

Worth reminding that Suzuk-ota was a master in woodcarving. Therefore, the construction of a handicraft town around his mausoleum has a deep symbolic meaning. The first floor of two-storey cottages will house workshops and stores. They, in combination with the complex, will turn into a tourist center.

The President examined the houses, visited woodcarving and calligraphy workshops.

 “Handicrafts is an honest profession. Today, the biggest challenge facing us is creation of jobs. We will deliver conditions for artisans, and they will support themselves and provide work to others. They will train disciples, and many young people will master the craft, set up their own business, generate income,” the Head of the state summed up.


The President visits new houses in Tashkent’s Boghistan Street

The housing erected on Boghistan Street in Tashkent’s Chilanzar district are another example of consistent implementation of the planned projects. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev had visited this place earlier, on 21 December 2018; then the Head of the state got acquainted with mockups of houses and offered his instructions. Five months later, a modern residential area has emerged here.

The project provides for the erection of 24 nine-storey apartment buildings. At present, the construction of 10 houses has been completed; interior decoration and facade works are underway.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been briefed about the technologies used during the construction as well as the quality of apartments.

As reported by the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, housing is built on the basis of innovative methods. Energy-efficient materials that keep hold of heat were applied. Each flat has independent heating and cooling control.

The President expressed confidence that people will like the quality and cost-effectiveness of such houses, and thus stressed the need to expand housing construction using this experience also in other regions of the country.


Mosque deserving the name of Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf

Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf had initiated the construction of a mosque near the pilgrimage site Sugalli-ota in Chilanzar district of Tashkent city. The construction was abandoned for many years.

According to the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited this place in February 2018 and offered recommendations for building a spacious and elegant mosque here.

Today, a magnificent complex has emerged here on more than 2 hectares. The building of the mosque has been expanded at the expense of the terrace. The complex also includes a conference hall, classrooms, an ablution area, a museum and other outbuildings. The mausoleum of Sugalli-ota has been renovated. The territory has been cleared of construction waste and landscaped.

Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf was Chairman, Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. He wrote more than 100 books on various religious and enlightenment topics, made a great contribution to the popularization of enlightened Islam, the growth of knowledge and spiritual maturity of people.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the mosque deserves being named after Sheikh Muhammad Sadyk Muhammad Yusuf. The Head of the state gave recommendations to study the academic legacy of the Sheikh, to enhance the publication of books on enlightenment and moral topics, to bolster the spiritual morale in society.


Guidance given to ensure quality and safety of passenger transportation

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has reviewed the works carried out at Tashkent Bus Station.

In accordance with the resolution of the Head of the state of 10 January 2017, transport services for the population and transportation of passengers in cities and villages in Uzbekistan are experiencing improvement.

In particular, Tashkent Bus Station in Chilanzar district has been reconstructed and thus acquired a new look. The possibility of serving simultaneously more than 2 thousand passengers is created here. Bus traffic has been established along local and international routes.

The station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Cutting-edge conditions are created for dispatching service employees, cash desks, as well as for passengers in waiting rooms and VIP halls. There is also a hotel, a mother and child room, a medical center, shops, prayer rooms, bars. 31 platforms of the station are projected to host 80 buses.

Currently, passengers can take advantage of daily coaches from Tashkent to various destinations like Yangiyer, Zaamin, Samarkand, Zarafshan, Kattakurgan, Khatirchi, Uchkuduk, Termez, Denau, Bukhara, Karakul. In addition, bus routes to 12 destinations abroad are set up from the bus station.

Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Transport has established a special enterprise, Uzautotrans Service, for ensuring safe bus transportation of local citizens leaving for foreign countries in labor activities. The enterprise has 168 modern coaches manufactured by the Chinese company Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co. Ltd.

According to the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, these buses are designed to carry 53 passengers. The maximum comfort is delivered with soft and cozy seats, air deflectors and individual lighting devices. Additional pleasure for journey is offered by air conditioning and monitors in coaches.

The President was briefed about the problems in the passenger transportation system and mechanisms for their solution, plans for the development of international and intercity routes, as well as bus stations.

The Head of the state gave instructions to provide customers with high-quality services in all weather conditions, ensure the safety of passengers during journey, increase the availability of services, raise the qualification of drivers and station personnel.


President gives instructions for improving social conditions of the population

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited a general education school and a sewing workshop in Tashkent’s Uchtepa district.

More than 2 thousand boys and girls study at the school No. 238, located in Birlik makhalla. The school building erected in 1969 is outdated. The number of schoolchildren is much larger than the established capacity, so the education process is organized in two shifts. In 2018, in accordance with the Investment Program, a new academic building with 240 seats was constructed here. Unfortunately, there are still many schools in Tashkent with obsolete buildings and small capacity.

As reported by the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev discussed plans for construction of new schools in the capital and expansion of the existing ones.

The President noted that in order to boost the capacity of schools it is necessary to erect four-story buildings, and in the meantime it is essential to effectively use vacant facilities. Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave recommendations to raise the quality of educational work by delivering additional amenities for teachers.

Uzbekistan’s leader also visited a sewing workshop organized by the company Kozimjon Rating Service.

The project was realized jointly with Kukcha Textiles LLC. A total of 100 modern sewing machines and other equipment were delivered and installed from abroad. This resulted in an opportunity to produce 500 thousand units of finished knitwear a year. 200 unemployed women were retrained and employed.

The President pointed to the need for expanding the range of products, constantly studying the market and establishing exports. Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that even more women should be provided with job through enhancing the company’s activities and organizing work in two shifts.

In addition, information was provided about other enterprises commissioned in Uchtepa district.


Comprehensive program to be devised on socio-economic development of Uchtepa district

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has held a meeting with the officials and makhalla chairpersons of Uchtepa district, representatives of the intellectual circles and other responsible people, the Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.

The Head of the state noted that the industrial production of the district is half of the citywide indicator, the pace of development in other areas is also at a low level. The President stressed that much needs to be done towards the promotion of entrepreneurship, job creation, repair of internal roads and public utilities, enlightenment of young people.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that a program comprising 61 projects was elaborated to address these issues, but their number could still grow.

“A separate resolution will be adopted for comprehensive development of Uchtepa district. If you come up with specific proposals, this document will be even more productive and useful,” the Head of the state suggested.

The meeting took place in the form of an open dialogue. Participants expressed their opinions. The President instructed the responsible persons to include these proposals in the corresponding plans and ensure their soonest implementation.

(Source: UzA)


Shavkat Mirziyoyev signs the Law on PPP

The Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) was signed by the President. The telegram channel of the Justice Ministry reports about it.

According to the law, public-private partnership is a partnership between the state partner and the private partner, which is legally formulated for a certain period of time, joining their resources to implement a public-private partnership project.

The Agency for the Development of Public-Private Partnership under the Ministry of Finance implements the state policy in the sphere of PPP.

The law defines the rights and obligations of the PPP parties.

The public-private partnership project may be initiated by the state body (organization) and (or) individual entrepreneur or legal entity.

A government partner shall conclude an agreement on public-private partnership with a private partner, whose tender or direct negotiations shall be determined based on the results of the negotiations.

The bidding criteria should be clear and do not contain discriminatory rules.

The period of validity of a PPP agreement shall not be less than 3 years and shall not exceed 49 years.

The parties of the public-private partnership agreement are liable for the non-performance or improper performance of their obligations.

If the following legislation violates the terms of investment in the PPP, the legislation existing during the ten-year period from the date of conclusion of the PPP agreement with the private partner shall be implemented.

This law will take effect after one month.

(Source: Kun.uz)

International relationships

Uzbekistan – European Union: 25th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

An event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and the European Union was held at the Palace of Youth Creativity.

It was attended by representatives of ministries and agencies of Uzbekistan, international organizations, the diplomatic corps, civil society institutions.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chairman of the Women’s Committee of the country Tanzila Narbayeva, The Head of EU Delegation to Uzbekistan, Ambassador Eduards Stiprais and others noted that cooperation between Uzbekistan and the European Union is developing positively, the reforms carried out in recent years in Uzbekistan contribute to strengthening the country’s authority in the international arena.

Within the framework of the event, EU – Uzbekistan cooperation forum was organized to discuss the current state and prospects of bilateral cooperation. Views were exchanged on diversification of agriculture in the country, the possibilities of entering the world market, the need for implementing joint projects in this direction.

The forum continued with demonstration of a small exhibition of projects funded by the European Union. It presents 10 development projects implemented with the assistance of the European Union by partner organizations – the UN Office, UNICEF, the Regional Environmental Center, GIZ, the French Development Agency, the International Commission of Jurists.

The ACCESS project allowed participants to become familiar with the work on development of civil society by ensuring the economic, social and cultural rights of Uzbekistan people.

Projects on sustainable management of water resources in rural areas of Uzbekistan, the collection, recycling and disposal of household waste, protecting the legitimate interests of children and women affected by labor migration were presented at the exhibition.

(Source: UzA)

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to visit Uzbekistan

From May 13 to 18, delegation of Mississippi headed by Governor Phil Bryant will visit Uzbekistan, the press service of the Foreign Ministry said.

The delegation includes representatives of official, business and academic circles of the state. Among them are Head of the State Development Authority Glen McCullough, Commissioner for Agriculture and Trade Andy Gibson, Commander of the National Guard General Jenson Boils, President of Alcorn University Donzell Lee, Mayor of Clinton Phil Fischer, Vice President of Mississippi State University Julie Jordan as well as leaders of the Mississippi companies in the field of textiles, cotton and other industries.

The American delegation will hold talks with the leadership of a number of ministries and agencies. It is planned to visit the Academy of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan, as well as Jizzakh region’s Pakhtakor district, where one of the first cotton clusters operates today, created with participation of Daniel Peterson, Head of Silver Leaf International.

On May 16-17, Governor Phil Bryant and other members of the delegation will attend the first Uzbekistan – American – Canada business forum in Navoi. About 100 representatives of the company from the United States and Canada are expected to attend the event.

As part of Governor Phil Bryant’s participation in the business forum in Navoi, it is planned to ink a number of important documents, in particular, an agreement on the establishment of sister city relationship between Zarafshan and Clinton.

(Source: Kun.uz)






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