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September 12, 2018




an official visit to Uzbekistan the President of Belarus. 1

Tashkent to host Made in Belarus exhibition. 1

investments. 1

At the Kamol Med Farm enterprise in Namangan, new facilities for the production of medical items have been put into operation. 1

International relationships. 2

Meeting with the Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. 2











an official visit to Uzbekistan the President of Belarus

Tashkent to host Made in Belarus exhibition

Made in Belarus exhibition will be held on September 14-19 at Uzexpocentre. It will be attended by more than 150 enterprises in such spheres as mechanical engineering, transport, chemistry, petrochemistry, construction, woodworking, agriculture, food, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, light industry, science and technology, education, book printing, sports and tourism.

Uzbekistan – Belarus business forum, as well as B2B meetings will be held on September 12, 2018 in Tashkent within the framework of the official visit of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Uzbekistan. The organizers of the events are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry for Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, embassies, as well as other state bodies and business associations of the two countries.

As reported by the Press Service of the Ministry for Foreign Trade, representatives of governments, heads of the regions, business enterprises, as well as more than 300 representatives of business circles from both countries, including managers of 38 major Belarusian companies will attend the events. Within the framework of the forum, it is planned to hold negotiations between representatives of business in agricultural, machine-building, energy, pharmaceutical industries, as well as mining, food and light industries. Following the events, it is planned to sign investment and trade agreements.

(Source: UzA)


At the Kamol Med Farm enterprise in Namangan, new facilities for the production of medical items have been put into operation

To date, dozens of types of alcoholic solutions are produced here, such as medical alcohol, camphor, menovazine, iodine, boric and salicylic acid. As of August 1, medical drugs have already been produced for more than 5.6 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 12.09.2018, 1$= 7862.17 soums) or in over 11.1 million packages.

In the new factory, built on the technology of the Chinese company Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd, opportunity is created for the production of 17.8 million packs of tablets a year, 1.6 million packages of medical capsules, and 4 million sachets.

At present, exemplary batches of drugs such as omeprazole, ciprofloxacin, acyclovir, cinepar, ambroxol, persen, Essentiale Forte N, koldrem have been manufactured and transferred for pharmacological registration. Starting from the fourth quarter of 2018, the production of camphor oil is planned, olive, almond and black cherry oil is projected to be extracted starting from 2019.

“The resolution of the President of our country “On Measures for Cardinal Improvement of the Pharmaceutical Sector Management System”, signed 7 November 2017, brought the development of the industry to a new level,” says the enterprise manager D.Kholmirzayev. “It envisages continual establishment of medicine production facilities in accordance with international standards, providing the population and healthcare institutions with affordable and high-quality medicines. In order to create optimal conditions for increasing the volume of production of pharmaceutical goods and increasing the industry’s competitiveness, raw materials and equipment supplied from abroad are exempt from customs duties. This is important for the development of our activities.

“Using these opportunities and benefits, starting from the fourth quarter of this year it is planned to establish the production of 4 types of tablets, 3 kinds of capsules and granules for drinking, and 4 kinds of biologically active additives. At the same time, based on the Program for the Development of Industrial Potential of the Namangan Region in 2016-2019, substances from local medicinal plants, injections, ointments and suppositories are projected to be produced.

“In addition, the enterprise is included in the Localization Program. In order to ensure its execution from abroad, equipment for the production of medical cotton wool, bleaching, cleaning, and gauze staining has been supplied and used. More than $ 140 thousand was spent on this work.”

According to D.Kholmirzayev, the volume of production in 2019 will increase 4-4.5 times as compared to 2018, and 32 additional jobs will be created. Currently, the company employs about 60 people.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International relationships

Meeting with the Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee

On September 10, 2018, a meeting with the Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) Bjorn Engesland was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Issues of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the NHC were discussed.

At the meeting, Bjorn Engesland, on behalf of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, appreciated the large-scale reforms carried out in recent years by the leadership of Uzbekistan aimed at ensuring the rule of law, respect for human rights and development of democratic institutions, and expressed readiness to support the ongoing reforms, to promote development of democratic values and civil society institutions.

Other issues of mutual interest were also considered at the meeting.

(Source: Web site of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)






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