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April 10, 2018





Uzbekistan: Real Estate Rent Goes Online. 1

International relationships. 1

Meeting with the FAO delegation. 1


In memory of Amir Temur 1


Dietary Khorezm.. 2

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Umida Omonova from Surkhandarya became the champion of the Asian Youth Chess. 3












Uzbekistan: Real Estate Rent Goes Online

In the Tashkent region, an experiment is currently in progress to introduce a mechanism for selling and renting state property only through electronic bidding.

Online auctions will be held on a special electronic trading platform, E-IJRO AUKSION.

It is planned that as early as May 10, the sale of state-owned real estate objects subject to privatization, including at a zero redemption value, with the condition of accepting investment and social obligations, will begin here. In addition, on this site will be sold state shares in the statutory funds and capitals of limited liability companies.

After a little less than two months, from July 1, the site will begin to provide state property for rent.

Payment for services to the organizer of electronic trades will be carried out by the seller or lessor in the amount of not more than 1% of the value of the sold object of state property or the annual rent for the provided state property.

The government instructed the State Committee on Privatization and the Ministry of Finance to develop a detailed draft regulation on the procedure for conducting electronic tenders for the sale of state-owned property and leasing state property before the end of April.

The results of the experiment are planned to be announced this fall. A number of specialized agencies on this basis should prepare, by October 1, proposals for a phased implementation of the system of selling state assets through electronic bidding throughout the country.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International relationships

Meeting with the FAO delegation

On April 9, 2018, a meeting with the delegation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) led by Assistant Director-General, Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia Vladimir Rakhmanin was held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The program of the visit includes participation in an international conference on silkworm breeding in Bukhara, holding bilateral meetings and negotiations.

During the meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was noted that the sides highly appreciate the established fruitful cooperation between Uzbekistan and FAO, which intensified with the opening of the Representative Office of the organization in June 2014, in Tashkent.

Currently, FAO in cooperation with Uzbek partners, is implementing a number of national and regional projects in such areas as plant growing, forestry, seed growing, drought management, prevention of land degradation, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of the desert.

The sides discussed practical aspects of preparing and implementing a project on sericulture jointly with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and exchanged views on the FAO Framework Programme for Uzbekistan for 2018-2021.

(Source: UzA)


In memory of Amir Temur

Amir Temur is a great figure of Uzbekistan people, who made a huge contribution to the world development.

In memory of the great ancestor, people of Uzbekistan annually celebrate the birthday of Amir Temur.

On April 9, according to tradition a solemn event was held at the alley named after Amir Temur, in Tashkent. It was attended by members of Parliament, representatives of ministries and departments, writers, poets, scientists, students, the public, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Uzbekistan.

The interest in studying the rich heritage of Amir Temur and Temurids in the field of statehood, science, culture and creation is growing all over the world. Scientific research is conducted in Uzbekistan and abroad, works are created on contribution of Temurids in the world civilization. These works contribute to the discovery of new facets of Sahibkiran's personality, to a broader understanding of the state of which he ruled, and to the historical conditions in which he conducted his activities.

As Amir Temur's historical achievements in the sphere of creation – the construction of majestic buildings, palaces, madrasas, mosques, mausoleums, cities, comprehensively developed capitals of the state of Samarkand, created large gardens outside the cities, patronage for development of science, culture and art, creation of conditions for strengthening trade, economic and cultural ties – for centuries serve as a model of enlightenment for generations, and the activities of the President of Uzbekistan in these areas deserves great recognition not only among people of the country, but also all over the world.

The Code brought us the words of Sahibkiran: "One enterprising, courageous, valiant, resolute and wise person is better than a thousand careless and weak-willed ones”. Amir Temur said: "Power is in justice!" and today justice, care for people, tolerance are the priority directions of the policy of the Head of the state.

Students of “Temurbeks school” demonstrated coherence and dexterity in demonstration performances. Flowers were laid to the monument to Amir Temur.

The event was attended by the State Advisor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan H.Sultanov.

(Source: UzA)


Dietary Khorezm

We are starting the publication of a series of materials on the gastronomic preferences of Uzbekistan’s regions. Today we leave for Khorezm. Local cuisine is quite dietetic, although sometimes there are also very high-calorie meals, floury.

The most famous dish of Khorezm is tuhum-barak or yumurta-barak, resembling vareniki in appearance. But the filling is very unusual: it is a mixture of melted butter and eggs. Unlike ordinary vareniki, you cannot eat much: a few pieces would do. They are hearty and very high in calories. For a long time, if a Khorezm girl is visited at home by those who woo, the dish is served. It is believed that the more vareniki can fit in one spoon, the more skillful in cooking is the future daughter-in-law.

Khorezm breads are not at all like Tashkent or Samarkand ones. They are flat, thin and large in diameter. Sometimes tomatoes, peppers, onions, and meat are added to the bread. Then they have a reddish hue and a more pronounced taste. Very often they are made layered.

Dough in the Khorezm cuisine is often painted with natural dyes. For example, the green lagman - shivit oshi - is stained with dill juice. The dish is served with sour milk that is used as a sauce.

It is impossible not to mention Khorezm pilaf. It is cooked on steam and exclusively with yellow carrots. The most commonly used is the local lengthened laser rice varieties. Pilaf becomes dietary.

A local dish, itjan, may seem like a gimmick for guests. It is minced meat, which is not subjected to heat treatment. The stuffing fights off and is served to the table raw. You never come across such a meal in restaurants. But, if there is a desire to try, you can order the dish individually.

We would also like to note Khorezm melons. They are considered the sweetest in Uzbekistan. Annually Khiva plays host to a melon festival - qovun saili. One of the best varieties is gurvak - a thin melon with sweet taste and a magical fragrance.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Umida Omonova from Surkhandarya became the champion of the Asian Youth Chess

Asian Youth Chess Championship is being held in Thailand. Girls U12 Blitz tournaments were held on April 8. Umida Omonova, who scored 7.5 points, won the gold medal. This was reported by the Press Service of Uzbekistan Chess Federation.

The Blitz was conducted in the age categories up to 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. Competitions were held on the Swiss system in nine rounds with a time control of 3 minutes + 2 seconds.

FM Abdimalik Abdisalimov won the second place with seven scores among boys under the age of 16.

The top five blitz players also included – WCM Julia Hegay among girls U14, with six points, Muzaffarjon Eminjonov (5.5 points) among boys U18, WCM Odina Olimova (5 points) among girls U10.

Today, Thailand is hosting the final, ninth round of the Asian Championship in Standard Chess and the awarding ceremony of winners.

(Source: UzA)



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