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February 5, 2018




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Protection of the environment is an important factor in ensuring public health. 1

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President signs decree to improve activities in field of supporting women and strengthening family institution. 2

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A promising project is being implemented in Termez to organize the production of chipboard from the stems of cotton and cane. 4


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Protection of the environment is an important factor in ensuring public health

On February 2, a meeting devoted to the analysis of the ongoing activities on improving environmental situation and protection of the environment, determining actual tasks in this sphere was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

In accordance with the decree of the Head of the country of April 21, 2017, the system of public administration in the sphere of ecology and environmental protection was improved. The reformed State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Ecology and Environmental Protection is entrusted with broad tasks on improving environmental situation, collection, storage, transportation, disposal and recycling of household waste.

Comprehensive program was also adopted on radically improving the management of household waste for 2017-2021, with a concrete definition of financing sources of its implementation.

13 state unitary enterprises “Toza hudud” (Clean zone) and 174 of their district (city) branches were organized in the system of the committee. 1,3 thousand units of special equipment, 1 thousand sites for waste collection, 5,8 thousand containers and 172 polygons were transferred to the balance of enterprises.

In the past year, additional 305 sites for waste collection have been built. They are provided with more than 2 thousand containers. A complete inventory of 295 polygons has been carried out in the republic. Their cadastral documentation has been compiled, 97 waste polygons have been put in order. An inspection on taking control over the management of household waste has been established at the committee.

However, there are many pending issues in the sphere.

Thus, only 53 percent of the population is covered by sanitary cleaning services and only 15 percent of this figure falls to the private sector. There is no system for collecting, storing and transporting domestic waste almost in all villages.

At the meeting, these and other shortcomings were analyzed. Current tasks facing the sphere were determined.

* * *

At the meeting devoted to the analysis of the ongoing activities on improving environmental situation and protection of the environment, the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection has been instructed to develop, jointly with relevant ministries, a five-year program on streamlining waste collection stations in cities and developing sanitation services in rural settlements.

It is necessary to provide measures in this program on optimal organization of waste collection sites on model projects based on the number of residents of multi-storey houses, increasing the purchase of special equipment for transporting waste, phased coverage of rural population with sanitary cleaning services, expansion of participation of entrepreneurs in the sphere on the basis of public-private partnership on the order of unitary enterprises “Toza hudud” (Clean zone).

The President of the country, speaking of recycling household waste, noted the need of studying and widely implementing the experience of foreign countries.

60-65 percent of waste is recycled in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, 20-25 percent of waste is used for power generation, the rest is burned without the need for landfilling the waste, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev. As a result, rational use of land resources and economic effect is achieved, negative impact on the environment decreases.

* * *

At the meeting, held on February 2 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, instruction was given on introducing clusters for collection and processing of waste in 9 cities of the country this year. Activity of a cluster organized in Surkhandarya region was given as an example.

The task was set on development of a roadmap for concluding agreements with investors, preparing documentation and financing implementation of waste management projects in Fergana valley, Jizzakh, Syrdarya and Tashkent regions.

The issue of systemic organization of activity on utilization of household waste was also discussed. The need of introducing incentive mechanisms for legal entities and individuals involved in collection, recycling or handing over for processing the unused plastic, polyethylene and other packaging materials was noted.

The need for strengthening state supervision in the sphere of environment pollution prevention was noted. For example, the air pollution level exceeds the sanitary standards by an average of 2,7 times in such industrial cities as Andijan, Angren, Bukhara, Navoi, Fergana, Almalyk, Bekabad, Chirchik, Tashkent and Nukus.

In this connection, responsible persons of the State Committee on Ecology and Environmental Protection have been entrusted with the task to develop a National Concept on Protection of the Environment, on the basis of international experience.

* * *

At the meeting devoted to the analysis of the ongoing activities on improving environmental situation and protection of the environment, determining actual tasks in this sphere, issues of flora and fauna protection, their rational use, expansion of protected natural territories were discussed.

Last year, 3 782 cases of poaching and violations in protection of flora and fauna were revealed. Six of eight state reserves are under the jurisdiction of the State Committee on Forestry, two are under the jurisdiction of the State Committee on Geology and Mineral Resources and the State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection. There is no single management system for them. In this regard, the need for studying the issue and developing sound proposals on transferring reserves to the jurisdiction of a single state body was noted.

Particular attention was paid to issues of constant monitoring the collection and transportation of waste, enhancement of culture and responsibility of the population in handling waste.

Health and well-being of people lie on the basis of activities that are being carried out in this direction. Therefore, this issue must be addressed in every district and on a permanent basis, emphasized President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Responsible persons were given corresponding instructions on the discussed issues.

(Source: UzA)


President signs decree to improve activities in field of supporting women and strengthening family institution

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on measures to radically improve activities in the area of supporting women and strengthening the institution of the family.

The document said that currently 514 Doctors of Sciences, 6 academicians, 15 Heroes of Uzbekistan, 17 senators, 15 deputies of the Legislative Chamber and more than 23 percent of deputies of the People’s Deputies of Kengashes of the People’s Deputies, as well as 72 percent of people, working in the spheres of science and education, upbringing, health care, culture and art, are women.

I order to increase the activity of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, as well as to radically improve its activities in the area of supporting women and strengthening the family institution, priority areas for the activities of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan have been identified.

From 1 April 2018, specialists in working with women and strengthening spiritual and moral values will be introduced at each gathering of citizens.

In order to conduct fundamental, applied and innovative research in the areas of family values and traditions, the Scientific and Practical Research Center Oila (Family) under the Cabinet of Ministers and its territorial subdivisions are being established on the basis of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center Oila.

Oila Center will promote and introduce the conceptual idea “Healthy family - healthy society”, as well as the constitutional principle “The family is under protection of society and the state” in society.

The document said that management of the Women’s Committee and the Oila Center, as well as theur territorial branches will be responsible for addressing family and women problems.

According to the decree, from 1 April 2018, Civil Registry Offices will be subordinated to the khokimiyats of the districts (cities).

In order to implement systemic interaction on family and women issues, the deputy hokim of the district (city) - the chairman of the women’s committee of the district (city) - is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the activities of the Civil Registry Office, the district (city) department of the Oila Center and other women’s structures and family.

Taking into account the proposal of the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Youth Union, the Association "Tadbirkor Ayol", the decree approved formation of the Public Fund for Support of Women and the Family.

It should be noted that the main objectives of this public fund are to provide material assistance to women and families in difficult social situations, women with disabilities, and to promote women’s entrepreneurship initiatives.

The decree also envisages organization of “female consultations” in structure of family clinics and rural medical posts, who will provide consultations to adolescent girls and women of child-bearing age.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 10 June 1999 No. UP-2326, the Zulfiya State Prize is awarded to gifted girls aged 14 to 22 years to one representative of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent.

In line with new presidential decree, the award is now gifted to girls aged 14 to 30 to two representatives from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent. This provides ample opportunities for girls who have achieved special success in education, science, literature, culture, art, sports, as well as engaged in social activities.

According to the new order established by the decree, students of general secondary, secondary special, professional educational institutions, who won the Zulfiya State Prize, are accepted to bachelor’s programs of the universities and graduates of bachelor’s programs to master’s programs of the universities.

Uzbek leader also established a breastplate “Mutabar ayol”, which is awarded to women, who have been active and initiative in the life of society and the state and contributed to strengthening of the well-being of families, protection of motherhood and childhood by its fruitful work.

President of Uzbekistan approved a program of comprehensive measures to support women and strengthen the Institute of Family, consisting of 5 chapters and 56 items. It is aimed at ensuring the implementation of the priority directions and tasks of the decree in practice.

(Source: UzDaily.com)


On February 5, 2018, the newly appointed First Deputy Minister Botirjon Asadov is presented to the Colleague of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He previously worked as Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


A promising project is being implemented in Termez to organize the production of chipboard from the stems of cotton and cane

To support the new prospective project worth $ 3.2 million, Uzpromstroybank allocated $ 1.8 million of credit. As a result, the company installed modern foreign-made equipment.

In the region, construction work is carried out on an average of 1.5 trillion soums per year. In this process, the annual requirement for wooden slabs is 900 thousand square meters. With the expansion of the scale of construction and improvement works, further increase in the production of affordable, competitive building materials from local raw materials and expansion of their assortment will be required.

According to experts, wild reed grows in the area of ​​more than 5 thousand hectares of area. Up to now, every fall, reed beds have been burned, which caused serious damage to the environment and polluted the atmosphere. The remains of cane all year round were decomposed in irrigation ditches and drainage ditches.

Skilled entrepreneurs forced natural raw materials to work for the economy and preserved the environment, which deserves all praise. In the current autumn season in the Termez and Muzrabad districts, reed beds were not burned, which greatly pleased many residents.

“Every year in the autumn we suffered from the burning of reed thickets,” says labor veteran H.Tashpulatov from Termez. “The wind spread smoke from the fire around, an unpleasant smell was felt, and the ashes polluted all the streets and even our yards. Recently, I asked my son the reason for stopping the burning of reeds near the Amu Darya. He told me that in our city the processing of reeds and the making of building material have been introduced.”

The new enterprise is able to produce finished products for 35 billion soums per year. At present, the collective produces and delivers to customers up to a thousand pieces of cane plates a day. The building material made in local conditions, it is necessary to a liking to the population which is engaged in individual housing construction.

“This year we have built a new house,” Sh.Norkobilov, resident of Termez district, said. “We recently went to the construction shops in the center of the region to buy wood or imported chipboard for laying the floor. The wood for the floor was wet. We looked at imported wood-shaving and reed chipboards of domestic production, found out the price for them. We were made slabs of domestic production. First, if we compare wood-chip and cane slabs, the latter are more resistant to dampness. We also compared their quality. Domestic slabs are stronger than imported analogues. They are also more affordable.”

Indeed, the cost of imported chipboard in Termez is 225-250 thousand soums, while more robust, domestic reed plate worth 140 thousand soums, which accounts for the buyers liking.

At the enterprise, 150 people are permanently employed. All the necessary conditions for their effective work and meaningful leisure are created. Raw materials in the workshop of the enterprise are delivered without interruption. The entire process, starting from the primary processing of raw materials to the production of finished products, is carried out with the help of modern equipment. At the next stage, the initiators of the project plan to fix the lamination of the plates.

“As a result, a lot of new jobs will be created,” said the deputy head of the industrial construction and supply private enterprise Termiz-taminot, Ch. Kuvvatov. “In addition, the possibilities for the development of the furniture industry will be further expanded.”

The enterprise that has mastered the production of a new type of product intends to improve the quality of the building materials produced and to arrange the export of the remaining part of the production. For this, favorable conditions and necessary opportunities exist in the region. Most importantly, the region has the necessary raw materials for the sustainable operation of the enterprise.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Business Environment: Outlook Encouraging

The Ijtimoiy Fikr Center for the Study of Public Opinion has conducted a sociological poll on the topic “Business Environment in Uzbekistan through the Eyes of Entrepreneurs”.

Survey participants - entrepreneurs and farmers - overwhelmingly (84.7%) positively evaluated the business environment in the nation.

In their opinion, the transfer of centers of ‘one window’ government registration of entrepreneurship entities from the structure of hokimiyats to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice was of particular importance for further improving the quality, accessibility and transparency of rendering public services to businesses. They relate great hopes to the creation of the State Fund for the Support of Business Development under the Cabinet of Ministers, whose resources can be used to guarantee small business entities and compensation for covering interest expenses on commercial bank loans. The respondents gave a positive assessment to the cardinal measures on the part of the head of state on bolstering the foreign economic activity of business structures.

As a result, more than half of the respondents (54.1%) noted that over the past year they managed to achieve significant positive results in their activities, that is, to obtain the expected profit or to ensure the projected level of development of the enterprise.

Effective economic activity allowed entrepreneurs to enter a qualitatively new level of development: from the accumulation of profits to investing in fixed assets. Thus, the process of money laundering and their use for modernization and expansion of production capacities, procurement of modern equipment for the production of competitive products in the domestic and foreign markets takes place. In general, in Uzbekistan, 50.8% of respondents during the last 12 months invested in the fixed assets of their enterprises. And in some regions, their share exceeds 70%.

In the opinion of 66.4% of respondents, all entrepreneurs have the same opportunities for successful business. However, 33.6% hold the opposite viewpoint, that is, every third entrepreneur or farmer excludes the equality of opportunities for doing business. The greatest opportunities in the successful conduct of business, in their opinion, are people who have accumulated a certain capital (51.5%).

A sociological study has shown the availability of reserves for the further improvement of the business environment in the republic. Among them, respondents called the availability of loans, the continuity of water and gas supply, electricity and heat supply, tax reduction, provision of production facilities, and others. Despite the existence of certain problems related to the payment of taxes, 68.9% of entrepreneurs characterize the taxation system in Uzbekistan as “fairly simple” and “very simple”, 31.1% - “rather complicated” and “very complex”. In the opinion of 73.7% of respondents, the tax system stimulates business structures to show all proceeds, 4.5% suggest it makes them hide incomes, 21.8% refused to respond.

The survey results show that the majority of business people (80.5%) positively assess the quality of banking services. Thus, 91.6% of entrepreneurs and farmers exclude the fact of extortion from banks in obtaining loans. At the same time, the study showed that banks are not interested in long-term lending to business structures, without which it is impossible to modernize production on the basis of high technologies and ensure the production of competitive products.

The study found that the number of inspections in the past year significantly decreased. According to representatives of business circles, a positive feature of the results of the inspections is their preventive nature, namely, the provision of advice on the elimination of identified shortcomings. This was noted by 69.9% of the interviewed entrepreneurs and farmers. Only with respect to 24.4% of respondents, as the survey showed, penalties were applied.

In the course of the study it was found that 43.2% of entrepreneurs and farmers encountered the facts of corruption on the part of supervisory bodies, and every twentieth respondent considers them quite common. At the same time, 22.4% of respondents did not encounter such facts ever.

According to the respondents, the necessary legal and regulatory framework has been established in Uzbekistan to ensure their effective operation and legal protection. It is established that in case of infringement or infringement of their rights, every third entrepreneur or farmer will apply to the Virtual reception of the President or the people’s reception rooms, 29.7% to the prosecutor’s office, 13% to the district or city hokimiyat, 9.3% to the court, 4, 8% - to the Commissioner under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of business entities, 3.3% to a lawyer, and 3.2% to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A new stage in the further development of business in Uzbekistan, according to representatives of business circles and private entrepreneurship, marked the Address of the President to the Oliy Majlis. The announcement of 2018 as the Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies, in their opinion, will create the necessary conditions for further modernization of production and ensuring the production of competitive products.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



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