International Scientific and Practical Conference "Issues of the modern pharmaceutical industry: the root of Licorice (processing technology) and innovative preparations based on it" on October 25-26 in Tashkent


Based on the results of the proposals received from ministries and departments, including from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the following sections are planned to be held within the framework of the conference (proposals on the subject of foreign participants in the sections are taken into account);

  •  Actual problems of growing licorice root, billets and processing technology;
  •  Modem production technologies and chemical and technological research of licorice root extracts (liquid, dry, powdery) and glycyrrhizic acid;
  •  Quality control and certification of licorice root and products of its processing;
  •  Licorice root in pharmacy, medicine: development of innovative drugs and biologically active additives;
  •  The use of licorice root in the food and confectionery industry;
  •  New approaches to the commercialization of licorice root.

Taking participation in the conference - without an organizational fee, air travel and accommodation in Tashkent - at the expense of the participants themselves.

It is planned to publish the conference materials and a varied cultural program.

The expenses for the conference will be carried out at the expense of AK "Uzfarmsanoat".

For (he speakers in the plenary and sectional sessions accommodation in hotels for the period of the conference will be paid by Uzfarmsanoat.

After receiving permission from the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to conduct the conference, you will be sent an information letter with requirements to thesis and registration form of the participant.

International Scientific and Practical Conference "issues of the modem pharmaceutical industry: licorice root (processing technology) and innovative preparations based on it" is a unique opportunity for the meeting with specialists working in. the field of licorice root processing, chemistry of natural and physiologically active compounds, pharmacy, drug technology, pharmacology, herbal medicine and biotechnology.


The work of the conference will contribute to:

- ensuring the increase in the raw material base of licorice root, taking into account its consumption in foreign markets;

- attraction of foreign, investments and foreign specialists;

- introduction of advanced technologies for complex processing of licorice root;

- achievement of a world balanced development of licorice root processing;

- active implementation of research projects and scientific and technical programs for the integrated processing of licorice root;

- wide attraction of young talented scientists to research in the field of complex processing of licorice root, pharmacology, phytotherapy, biology and biotechnology;

- attraction of private and international funds, business structures to co-financing joint scientific research in the field of complex processing of licorice root.

Growing global demand for licorice may exceed the offer, as nowadays most of the sold licorice currently grows wild. Licorice extract is used all over the world in the production of medicines, sweets, food, alcohol and cosmetics. Licorice is used as an ingredient in more than 100 medicines.

Uzbekistan is a major exporter of licorice root.

Currently, there are 7 enterprises for processing of licorice root, which export their products to countries suet* as China, India, South Korea and Myanmar:

- "KPC Nukus Herbal technology" JV LLC

- "Mangit amu briket" LLC

- "Sirdarya licorice extract" LLC

- "Kegeyli Extract" LLC

- "Licorice Engineering" LLC

- "Sayat Angor" LLC

Also in the republic is actively engaged in scientific research in the development of medicines based on licorice root. So in the Uzbek Scientific Research Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute im.A.Sultanova in recent years has developed more than 10 drugs on the basis of licorice root, some of them implemented at the enterprises of concern "Uzfarmsanoat", others are in the final stages of researches.

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